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Support Peace of Pizza

What Bob wrote in this space last week is almost EXACTLY what I was going to say. He is right on about the importance of having as many people who participate in the ministry at St. Stephen’s be present for PEACE OF PIZZA on Friday evening, October 14 from 5-7 pm. We’ll need people to set up and act as hosts. And we’ll need people to just talk with those who come to this event. This is a rare opportunity for us to build relationships with members of our community.

What I have to say is important, too. Supplying pizza and drinks will cost St. Stephen’s some bucks. But Thrivent Financial gives grants for events just like this. (Thrivent used to be called Aid Association for Lutherans and Lutheran Brotherhood. It is a life insurance and financial products non-profit company.) Their requirements for receiving grants are not onerous, but they do include having a certain number of Thrivent members at the event.

So, are you a Thrivent member? Do you own any of their financial products or have an associate membership? If you are, would you please let me know? We might save some bucks (the grants are often for $250.00) for this important event.

Thank you!


Pastor Mark Walters

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