This isolation has brought us many things, and while we like to look at the negative, I would like to look at some positive things. One thing we seem to have is an abundance of time. It seems we have more time on our hands than usual. I am wondering if in this time you have found space to pray more. Are you finding new or different devotions that could just become part of your regular life moving forward? A lot of folks have been comparing this time of isolation and social distancing to an extended Lent. But, alas, Lent is over. Easter has come and we are in the midst (hopefully soon) of spring weather. But the time for self-isolation and social distancing has not come to a close. We are sti


If nothing else, the stay-in-place situation has given me the chance to do something I enjoy: visit other churches. I can usually only do that when I'm traveling, or during the summer when I don't have other obligations at church. It's all changed now. I can worship at the church where I grew up in Denver. I can worship with my church in Connecticut. I can worship with my church in California. I can worship with St. Stephen's. I can worship with the Delaware-Maryland Synod. I can worship with my friend's Baptist Church. I can worship with the Episcopal church down the street, or at my friend's Episcopal church across town. I can worship with the churches around Wilmington that support the fo

Take It or Leave It?

Like it or not we are still self-isolating. Delaware is seeing an exponential increase in cases of COVID-19, the church has personal stories of folks that have the disease and we have a long way to go. I think that many of us can easily complain about our situations and allow despair to get the best of us. But what if…. What if we pay close attention to what we are doing instead of what we are not doing. What are we doing in these times that is worth keeping? I had such a special 40th birthday party - my best friend in Chicago and my parents in the suburbs joined Craig and me for a celebration that I will never forget. I think I would have been disappointed not seeing my parents and Amy for

From Behind Closed Doors

I’ve been diligently practicing my physical isolation. I see Dave every day. He leaves the house for work every day, and is still healthy, so all is good. I’ve been seeing the exterminator more often than I would like. We have mice. We also have no cats, so I have to rely on Brad. I see the delivery person at ShopRite regularly when I pick up my grocery order. That’s about it. Early in the shut-down, I stopped by the church to pick up time cards and bills (yes, church bills still need to be paid, and I am privileged to pay our outstanding staff who have continued to keep things going). Pastor Jason was walking by, and he asked how things were going. I laughed and said my life really hasn’t c

Thank You - from a Distance

I think that we are getting this social distancing thing down pretty well - I know that I do not have any issues with calling out perfect strangers for coming closer than six feet from me when I am in the store getting groceries. Online and call-in church is going well - my Zoom calendar looks worse than my typical Google calendar. Things in the neighborhood seem to be relatively quiet (save those few that wish to ignore the order to stay home and thus place so many lives in danger). But what about those that are on the frontlines of this crisis where social distancing is much more difficult/impossible? We expect to see police officers, firefighters, paramedics/EMTs and first responders on t

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As a Reconciling in Christ congregation of the ELCA, we believe that the gospel is God's gift to all people, shared unconditionally and without regard to race, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic or family status, age, physical or mental abilities, outward appearance, or religious affiliation. We seek to live the truth written in Ephesians that Christ breaks down the dividing walls between us and makes us one.


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