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I have another birthday approaching and some might say it is a milestone. Perhaps it is. I believe my genetic disposition must come from my mother’s side of the family as she lived to be 94 and my brother, Jim, just celebrated his 94th birthday.

I remember the celebration I enjoyed for my 50th birthday. When it was my turn to say a few words, I remember thanking the guests for coming. I also remember sharing my conviction of what is important to me: my relationship with God, my relationships with family members, and my relationships with my friends.

Now, a “few” years later, these important relationships continue to bring me joy, fulfillment, and a deep sense of gratitude.

I have been very fortunate there have always been people close at hand in my life. I draw energy from being with people and, I guess, that would make me an extrovert. Yet, there have been times when I have just needed to be by myself, away from the “noise” that life brings. So, it seems I am in both camps and that I am really an ambivert.

Regardless, I am very grateful to God. Almost every morning after I wake up, I spend a minute thanking Him for the day and for where I am in my life.

And, this note gives me another opportunity to express my thanks and gratitude to everyone in my St. Stephen’s family who has been with me on my life’s journey.

Bob Linderman


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