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Wait for it...

I spend more time on Facebook than I should. I get through most of it reasonably quickly. I will stop to read an interesting post from one of the groups I follow, and I will like and share items from St. Stephen's. I spend WAY too much time looking at cat photos.

Then there are the videos where the captions say, "Wait for it." I'm a sucker. I almost always watch, and I'm almost always disappointed. Did I waste three minutes on that?

A video showed up recently either with no caption or a caption that said something like "lost lamb." I regularly skipped over it. I didn't feel like watching a feel-good video of someone rescuing a lamb.

Then my husband sent me a link. I clicked on it, knew immediately which video it was, but because it automatically started, I watched it.

It was indeed a video of someone rescuing a sheep which had fallen into a trench beside a roadway. The gap, maybe 10 inches wide, paralleled the length of the entire road.

The sheep was pulled out by the one leg that was available to grab. It recovered its footing and went bounding away in freedom. It bounced its way down the road, away from the camera and...

Wait for it...

It jumped into the same trench, 20 feet up the road.

As my husband said: we sin, we are forgiven, repeat.

Enjoy Good Shepherd Sunday and try not to be that sheep.

- Ann Iona Warner

(In case you want to see the video:


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