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Planning Ahead

Part 1

You know it’s past Labor Day when the Christmas displays pop up in big box retailers. (This is a sentence that would have made absolutely no sense in my childhood when the sign that it was after Labor Day was that no one was still wearing white and there was no such thing as a big box retailer. But I digress.)

While I prefer to live in the season we are actually in, planning for the one to come is right and proper. So, how shall we mark the coming of Advent?

I’d like to do a Bible study. Can I get three people to commit to joining me? When I do, we’ll schedule it at a convenient time and choose a book or topic that will help us prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Part 2

Friendly reminders:

If you shop at Amazon, make sure you log in at Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchases to a non-profit of your choosing. You can direct those contributions to St. Stephen’s.

And if you are a Thrivent member, you get a chunk of change called Thrivent Choice Dollars to likewise direct. Please consider making St. Stephen’s one of the recipients for your Choice Dollars.


Pastor Mark Walters


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