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Making a Pledge

Our mission at St. Stephen’s is To Love, To Invite, and To Serve. We have used these words to inspire our activities, to offer direction in our behavior towards others, and to reach out to those in need wherever we find them. This mission is not a goal but an ongoing process of finding ways to follow the Gospel, to follow as we were taught by our Lord.

As ways to carry out our mission in this place at this time, we gather as a community in worship, we welcome other organizations to use our facilities, we reach beyond our walls to provide opportunities for our neighbors and friends to share good fellowship, we communicate by mail, email, online meetings, and in-person meetings, and we maintain our physical property both inside and out.

Throughout the year the Council monitors the finances that fund the work done in support of our mission. At this time of year, the focus expands to consider the financial needs for the upcoming year. Those needs are met by the contributions from our members and friends yet planning for the work to be done requires knowing what financial resources can be counted on.

This is a long way of getting to my point that your financial pledge to our congregation is vital to its health and strength. In the near future you will be receiving information and a pledge card to be completed and returned. Please prayerfully consider making a pledge to the extent you are able to ensure we will have the best opportunity to grow in our mission To Love, To Invite and To Serve.

Bob Linderman


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