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These blogs are almost uniformly op/ed type pieces. This one will be different. I have two items of information I want to share to highlight we are clearly part of a community.

First, we are now worshiping in the Bootless Stageworks space. That's because it's air conditioned, and the AC in our chapel is not working. The Bootless space is also bigger than the chapel. And they've got a nice sound system. For your convenience, please enter through the pantry (street level) door. And many thanks to whomever arranged this in my absence! Bootless leases this space, so many thanks to them. And a BIG thanks to Jim from Bootless who worked the sound board the past two Sundays!

Second, we have a neighbor looking for some help. His name in Jan Marian, and he lives in the 1400 Pennsylvania Ave building. He is an Armenian refugee from the Soviet Union. He wants to travel to Armenia for heart surgery (and, of course to visit family and his homeland). This surgery will be provided free for him in Armenia–not so much here.

In America he has supported himself by making jewelry, and he has some pieces he is trying to sell to finance his trip. The Armenian diaspora in New York is buying, but he has two pieces left for which he wants $1500. They are pictured below. One is 18 karat gold plate on zinc. The other is silver with black crystal and onyx. If you know anyone who might be interested, you can reach him at 302.299.9329.


Pastor Mark Walters


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