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Pastor Sue Loney
Pastor Sue Loney

Change happens all of the time. Perhaps not all of the time to any one person, but certainly, over the course of a lifetime, it will occur many times to everyone. Babies learn to walk and are no longer dependent on others to get from one place to another. Schoolchildren move from one grade to the next and in the process meet new friends and new teachers. Graduates at all education levels adjust to the ways of the working world after so many years in school. Adults who become parents learn the impact of having more people in their immediate family for whom they are responsible. Seniors retire and learn to live without the daily routine of meeting the needs of the company for whom they worked.

Change occurs not only as a consequence of our life pattern but also occurs as we experience the systems in place that interact with our life. New medicines, new technology, new governmental policies, and new forms of entertainment are just a few of the areas that are precursors to change.

So, why am I going on and on about change? We, at St. Stephen’s, are in the midst of a change. We are in the midst of a transition. We have a new pastor, Sue Loney, who is now three Sundays into her ministry with us. She brings her knowledge, her background, and her understanding of Lutheran ideology and theology to share with us through reflective sermons. She brings new ideas for how we can achieve our mission. She brings a passion for social justice.

Come join us at worship on Sundays to get to know Pastor Sue and to give her a chance to get to know you. This is an exciting time for our congregation as we chart the path we will take as we grow our ministry into the future.

Bob Linderman


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