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I was listening to the audio of a cable-channel show.

I don't watch the show itself. I find some of the people to be incredibly annoying. But I wanted to give the audio a try since I can fast-forward past the annoying sections.

One evening the panel was answering questions from viewers. The question was, "What have you done this week to benefit someone else.”

It’s a form of the gratitude question: what are you grateful for today? It’s a selfish form of the gratitude

question since it asks what did I do for someone else, rather than recognizing the good things that are done for you.

Still, one-sided recognition of the good in your life is better than no recognition.

One gentleman on the panel mentioned that he spent some time with a young man he mentors. I would expect no less from this particular individual.

The others responded to the question by laughing. The best any of them could come up with putting the change from their coffee into the tip jar.

Again, I would expect no less from them.

Some of us float through our days: going to work, going home, dealing with our co-workers and our families, not really thinking.

Some of us have more in life to think about: joblessness, homelessness, illness, bad relationships. They may tend to not talk about their problems. They remain hidden in plain view.

Some of us have amazing, generous lives that are also hidden in plain view.

I am grateful for what people around me are doing, the activities they’re involved in, the programs they support with their time and money, the family issues they deal with patiently.

I am grateful at the care we show for each other with rides, meals, phone calls, visits.

The news around us can sometimes be depressing and frustrating. The people we see representing us can too often be disappointing.

Being grateful can lower stress levels, promote calm, provide perspective, and give focus to what is important.

Be good to yourself and be grateful this summer.

-- Ann Iona Warner

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