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Which Version?


I often wonder what version of the Bible others are reading. For most folks in the ELCA, it’s the New Revised Standard Version or the NRSV. But in our Bible Studies - particularly Wednesday - we have a plethora of translations. Sometimes there are more translations than there are people!

Many of you probably have heard of the King James Version. Though beautifully poetic, it lacks in translation inaccuracies. I enjoy the Common English Bible, but it has its shortcomings as well. The Message is fun, but by no means should it be taken as the only authority.

One of the best suggestions I have seen is to find a Bible that is comfortable to read and to use that alongside commentaries (notes on the passages explaining historical, cultural, scriptural and theological context). The ELCA (and I) have a great list of commentaries.

Reading the Bible in community is also a great way to study scripture. In fact, according to the ELCA’s Book of Faith initiative, reading scripture in community is considered one of the best ways to understand it.

I recommend one of our many Bible Studies - perhaps even start a new Lenten discipline.

Either way, what Bible translation do you read? Perhaps it might be a good time to come to one of the many conversations - or who knows - start another one.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Jason

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