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Burning Bushes

I am notorious for not noticing things.

Did I see what a great job the landscapers did? No, not at all.

Doesn't the piano sound so much better? It sounds the same to me.

That doesn't mean I'm oblivious to change.

Like any self-respecting, self-centered individual, I notice things that affect me personally.

Which leads to one of my favorite questions: how many burning bushes did Moses pass before he finally noticed? (The flip side to that question is how many people passed the burning bush before Moses finally stopped?)

Dave works in Center City Philadelphia. You can't go to Center City without encountering homeless people.

I know I'm immune to street people. It's possible to walk around them, and ignore their appeals for money. I can justify it knowing that there are resources available for such people. There are shelters. There are places that serve meals. If they don't use those services, that's their choice, right?

Dave loves participating in things like serving meals as a part of "Hub of Hope." He regularly buys a street newspaper sold by homeless for pocket change. There are some street musicians he regularly gives money to. But the homeless on the streets? Like me, he doesn't really see them anymore.

Unless they have a cat.

Dave saw a homeless gentleman with a cat sitting on his lap outside Reading Terminal. Dave brought him a cup of soup, pet the cat and went on his way. At the same time he realized that if it had been a mother with children he probably wouldn't have noticed..

Walking past burning bushes.

As an individual I can’t do much to make a difference. But as a member of the body of Christ, I can join with others to make a difference.

Our food pantry makes a difference. We join with hundreds of others to provide food for those with a need.

Our worship space makes a difference. On Sunday morning our doors are open to anyone who wants to come in, be safe, enjoy a cup of coffee, some warmth, and if they wish, worship with us.

Here's to noticing more burning bushes in the coming year and answering the call.

- Ann Iona Warner

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