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Counted in! (even if it’s a bit blurry)

How are we feeling about being “counted in?”

Our annual pledge campaign is starting and I do hope you have your “count me in” button. If not, you can come to the office to pick one up, come to church on Sunday, or call pastor, and he will hand deliver one to you!

We are obviously just half a week away from “Commitment Sunday” when we bring our pledge cards to church - helping the finance committee and council prepare an annual budget for 2018. Finances are always tough to discuss, but with such optimism and energy at St. Stephen’s it’s not so bad. I actually believe that the era of huge deficits is slowly being left behind as we not only believe in a future we can actually see it starting to take shape. And you know what...I hope that as more of us put on our buttons we are making a bold statement: “count me in” to this future that is taking shape.

It’s like the story in the 8th Chapter of the Gospel of Mark where there is a two staged healing of a blind man. There in Bethesda Jesus is brought a blind man that begs to touch him. He uses his spit and laying on of hands to help restore sight to this man. The first attempt gives the man a bit of vision...he sees things but they are all blurry and indistinguishable...yet he has the ability to start seeing. Jesus asks him if he is able to see and he replies “I see people but they look like trees walking around.”

He sees, but things are a bit blurry. It took Jesus a second attempt to give this man his full sight.

I imagine that this is much the way we see our future. It is still a bit blurry...but we see it. We know it is bright and wonderful...and we know that we have come a long way to this point. I believe in St. Stephen’s and I can see this is bright. And like this man, Jesus is with us the entire way, and is helping us to begin to clearly see what is coming.

But the annual campaign is more than just three words. It is a new spirit blowing through our church. It is a bold statement that we recognize the work that each of us take on. Work that cannot be done without each and every member in their own God given way.

I wonder, how is it that God has gifted you to be counted in here?

I invite you to comment via Facebook or to leave a message on the bulletin board outside the women's is it that you're counted in at St. Stephen’s? (There are great cards in the narthex to help you get started...but I believe there is so much more than just that)!

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Jason

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