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Reformation 500 – 500 Years of Always Reforming (We Hope)

I wonder…how do you see this coming Reformation Sunday in October?

Is it the 500th Anniversary of a singular event – of Martin Luther nailing the thesis to the door of the Castle Church?


Do you see it as the 500th year of a church that is always reforming – always trying to live into the revelation of a God that is not stagnant and always ready for a new adventure?

I tend to see it as the second. The church is not stagnant, nor is our God. We are always reforming, always changing and growing as we learn more and God is revealed to us in new and exciting ways. In truth, however, it does not matter how you see this event because it is a moment in time that changed the history of the world. Forever.

Think about that – a moment in time that changed the history of the world forever…still calling us to take up the charge and be part of the world in a way that will impact people for another 500 years!

But what was/is the Reformation? What are all the words and terms we may be hearing?

Well, your friends in the Delmarva Conference (better known as the Lutheran Churches of New Castle County) are going to help with this.

Today, please let me introduce to you the Reformation ABCs. A series of short writings about words and terms associated with the Reformation. Today you can click here to get your first installment…but for subsequent weeks Kanchalee will have a special section in the E Courier with a link to the ABCs.

I hope you enjoy them and learn something about our history. But never forget, the most important part about this reformation is what you bring to it – the beautiful gift of God that is you.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Jason

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