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Your Commitment to Our Ministries

As far back as I can remember, we have conducted our stewardship campaigns at St. Stephen’s each year during the months of September and October. Temple talks, sermons, personal phone calls and other forms of communication were used to increase awareness of the importance of making a financial pledge to our ministries. On Stewardship (or Pledge) Sunday, usually held in early November, individual pledges were brought forth and celebrated in a special offering.

This year is different in that the campaign will be held in December. Soon you should be receiving a mailing from the Stewardship team with a letter, a pledge card and a return envelope. As in the past, the letter will focus on the many reasons why it is so important for you to prayerfully consider your financial commitment. Different from the past, there will not be a specific Stewardship Sunday this year due to the fact we are in the midst of celebrating the Advent season. Plan to complete your pledge card and return it to the church by mail or at worship anytime in December.

As our congregation moves forward with the exciting prospect of welcoming a new pastor in the new year, please support our ministries to the extent you are able.

Bob Linderman


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