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If I’m paying attention, I sometimes find images in the world around me that remind me of our congregation and its ministries. This evening, as Sue and I drove back from a restaurant, a beautiful rainbow appeared high up in the sky as I looked out the right side of our windshield. We have seen rainbows many times on previous trips, but this year none until now. This rainbow was especially significant as it meant rain was likely to have fallen near our villa on the drought-stricken island of Maui. Last year the island was lush with green vegetation everywhere. This year the fields and mountain slopes are multiple shades of brown. The islanders are getting desperate for rain.

When I saw the image of the rainbow and its spectrum of colors my first thought, though, wasn’t about the importance of the accompanying rain. I thought about another use of a rainbow as a symbol. That led me to reflect on the work the congregation Council is doing to update the statement that describes us as a Reconciling in Christ congregation, the statement that is included at the end of every E-Courier. We profess in that statement to be a diverse community. More specifically, we profess to be a congregation with no filters at the door, no requirements for inclusion. As the future for our congregation unfolds, thanks be to God we have grown in our ministry to welcome all of God’s children for whom they are as they are.

Bob Linderman

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