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I don’t know how.

Today I invite you to Prayer. That a double entendre.

On the one hand, it’s an invitation to join with your fellow parishioners (and others whom you might invite?) in a weekly Lenten reflection guided by Richard Foster’s classic book Prayer: Finding the Heart's True Home. If I’m reading it correctly, most Christians are not happy with their prayer life. Most say they aren’t good/regular at prayer. Some say they don’t at all know how to pray. And praying in public? That’s right out.

But even if you’re a rock star at prayer, you might still find great value in these weekly Lenten gatherings. Each of the book’s chapters are pretty short and zero in on one way of praying. (And there are many different ways to pray. Foster’s exploration of many of them is a major strength of the book.) Each week we’ll explore one (or two?) types of prayer, speak about our experiences of praying or not praying this way and how that resonates with us, and practice this type of prayer.

But, alas!, you’re on your own in getting the book. (It’s available in hard and paperbacks, as an e-book, and as a Kindle book.) Since our food pantry is open Wednesday evenings, we’ll meet on Thursday evenings at a time you will choose via a Doodle poll.

So, if you’d like to give this Lenten reflection time a try, please send me ( your email address so I can send the poll to you.


Pastor Mark Walters


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