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Our Church at Its Best

What a wonderful day yesterday (Sunday) was! First, there were just a lot more people present in worship. It made a noticeable difference. There was just a lot of good energy and good spirit in the room. When you are able to be present in worship, you are giving a gift to your fellow church members. Your participation matters! Second, it was a day to celebrate relationships. The celebration was tinged with sadness, as we were saying goodbye to Oksana and her family and to Dave and Sharon Potter and theirs. But it was a celebration nonetheless, filled with joyful remembrances. Third, yesterday was a great reminder that we have a mission from God to be little christs in the world, bringing healing and joy and seeking justice as we are able. But it was also a reminder that we are a loving community, and that, too is part of our mission. The Orthodox have it right when they begin the creed with, “Let us love one another, that with one mind we may confess the Holy Trinity, one in essence and undivided.” Yesterday was a really good day. Let’s have some more.


Pastor Mark Walters


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