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Naming God

Last Sunday marked the mid-point of the church calendar as we celebrated Holy Trinity Sunday. Trinity Sunday takes its name from the central doctrine of our Christian tradition. But rather than diving deep into the meaning or mystery of the Trinity, I like to take Trinity Sunday as an opportunity to think expansively about how we name God, rooted in our holy stories but not limited by ancient traditions or old-school hierarchies. 

Some of the names or images for God that made it into our hymns, prayers, and reflection last Sunday might appeal to you. Others might not. And that’s okay. This is not an exercise in rebranding God in ways more to our liking—creating God in our image, as the writer Anne Lamott might say. Thinking expansively about God primes our imaginations and expands our perspectives, helping us embrace curiosity and transcend the familiar to enter deeper contemplation of the divine.

Our creeds, our favorite doctrines, our ways of naming God are not ends in themselves. They are part of a long tradition of grappling with words and images to comprehend sacred truths about the universe. Cherished parts of our tradition all have their place in helping us do that, but a life of faith is not so much about memorizing ancient creeds or reciting points of doctrine. It’s more a journey of discovery, curiosity, and humility, working toward understanding WHO and HOW and WHAT and WHERE and WHY God is so that— repurposing words from Sunday’s reading from Isaiah 6 — we may look with our eyes and listen with our ears and comprehend with our hearts and be made whole.

We do this best in community! Come, be part of our Sunday morning gatherings as we wonder together about what all of this means for the living of our lives in the time God has given us.

To Love, To Invite, To Serve,

Pastor Sue


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