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Lenten Study

Let’s make this an interactive blog. If you click here, you'll see a survey with a place for your comments. I am seeking your comments about what would be most helpful to you for a Lenten study. Three things come immediately to mind:

  1. A process to help you identify your one thing, your mission/purpose statement. Check out last week’s (1/30) sermon for an example.

  2. A Bible study that centers on how you hear God speaking to you in the Scripture passage selected for that day. We did a short version of this during our Advent vesper service in December.

  3. A more academic Bible study on a book of the Bible or topic of your choosing (If you choose this, please include what you want the study to be on/about.)

So, St. Stephen’s what’s your pleasure. I’d love to hear from you!


Pastor Mark Walters


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