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As I write this on Tuesday, the morning news includes a story of the Russians saying they will soon withdraw some of their troops. By the time you read this, this might have radically changed.

It’s hard (at least it is for me) to ignore the news. And most of it bad. The breadth and severity of the problems and sufferings of this world often leave me feeling helpless.

But am I really? I can’t feed the starving millions. But I can feed one. Or two or three. I can’t end the world’s conflicts. But I can be an instrument of God’s peace among those whom I know.

And then there is prayer. I must confess that I really, really don’t like the phrase, “All we can do is pray,” as if prayer were the last thing in the world to do because we know it’s useless. Is that what I really believe? Or do I take Jesus at his word, and ask. There is danger in prayer. As Pope Francis said, “First you pray for the hungry; then you feed the hungry. That’s how prayer works.”

As I look at the enormity of the world’s problems, I can engage in Walter Mitty daydreams. Or I can do what I am actually able to do.

What can you do?


Pastor Mark Walters


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