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The 2024 Synod Assembly theme:

Todd and I recently attended our Delaware-Maryland Synod Assembly with over 300 of our fellow lay representatives and clergy in Westminster, Maryland. This annual two-day event is packed with engaging worship and song, and the business of our Synod.

Measures passed included:

  • Adoption of a Resolution Calling for Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emission by the Synod, Congregations, Associated Ministries and their Members

  • Adopted Resolution that the Hunger Task Force of the DE-MD Synod support our congratulations in the work to end world hunger and expand support of the ELCA World Hunger Ministry

  • Adoption of Global Church Sunday, together with the Synods in Finland, Estonia, and Tanzania

  • Adoption of a Resolution calling for an immediate cease-fire and halt in US Arms transfers to Israel and prayer for Palestininans and Israelis who work to create a future of justice, equality, reconciliation, and peace for all Palestinians and Israelis.

  • Adopted to update the base salary of new Clergy, the first time since 2016

  • Adopted a memorial to direct the ELCA Church Council to create guidelines for Bishop Oversight and Accountability

Additionally, elections were held to fill Synod positions and representatives to the next ELCA Church-Wide Assembly.

Should anyone desire, the full reports are available here

Bishop Gohl delivered a moving message about the state of our Synod and the hope we all share for the ministries, leaders, and Congregations within the Synod. Financially there is work to be done both at the local and regional level to ensure long-term stability, but we are in this together.

Have you heard? The DE-MD Synod provides a ministry with the weekly Ten Foot Pole Podcast. This year, before the Saturday session of the Assembly, we heard Pastors A.J. Houseman and Colby Martin discuss Pastor Martin's "coming out of the theological closet" and his book UNCLOBBER, which walks through the six passages of scripture that are commonly used to exclude and abuse LGBTQ+ people at the hands of "Good Christians". We also celebrated that Ten Foot Pole Podcast is now a Reconciling in Christ ministry, just as the DE-MD Synod is Reconciling in Christ.

This podcast is found here.

Pastor Colby Martin is the author of both UNCLOBBER and THE SHIFT  and these may be found on his website or wherever you like to purchase books.

We came away from the Assembly feeling full of the Spirit, hope for the future, and very blessed to be surrounded by our church siblings that care for our souls, and our worldly lives.




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