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A Dog's Life Is What You Want

This is my dog, Lucy. I am trying to be more and more like her. Certainly not in all respects; we are, after all, different species. But in many respects, I think she has much to teach me.

First, there’s what to do when a loved one walks in the door. What do most of us do? We might be absorbed in something and not even notice. Or be in the midst of something and be too busy to look up. Or say, “Is that you?” My dog does none of these things. When I come home, she hears the garage door opening and comes to the door and waits. No matter how long I take – going to the mailbox and gathering up whatever I’ve got in the car – she waits with anticipation, wagging her tail the whole time. And when I come in, her facial expression and body language seem to say this is one of the best things that has happened today. I’m working at being more like Lucy when loved ones come into my house.

Second, this dog pretty much just lives in the moment. She can tell when we are getting ready to go away; and she does kind of look depressed when we are packing. But apart from that, she lives in the moment. Which means that when something good happens, she has no worries or burdens that keep her from fully enjoying what is actually happening. No overthinking or worry or dwelling on regrets or focusing so much on the future that the present is lost. I’m certainly not saying that we shouldn’t plan for the future or learn from the past. But now is all we have. Now is all we have ever had. Now is all we ever will have. I’m working on that one, too.

Third, when Char and I are loving on each other, Lucy wags her tail. Love, wherever it is, makes her happy.

Be like Lucy.


Pastor Mark Walters


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