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Wednesday, February 26, is the first day of Lent for 2020. You probably knew this already because it was mentioned at worship last Sunday or because Mardi Gras was Tuesday night. Lent is a period of 44 days of reflection and sacrifice. How do you personalize the season of Lent in your life?

Sue and I visited Hope Lutheran Church in Palm Desert, California this past Sunday and along with the bulletin we were given a calendar for Lent. The calendar offers a daily opportunity to go beyond one’s regular routine to take action in the spirit of this season. Here are the suggestions for the first two weeks:

Feb 26 Ash Wednesday – Have an ash cross put on your forehead

Feb 27 Don’t text today, just call

Feb 28 Do some chores around the house you don’t normally do

Feb 29 Buy your neighbor a cup of coffee or bring them a treat

Mar 1 Read Jonah 1:1 – 1:3 and then spend at least one hour doing something you enjoy

Mar 2 Write a prayer to God explaining the habits, behaviors, and sins you want to die to

Mar 3 Call someone with whom you’ve had a falling out and then make amends

Mar 4 Fast during daylight hours

Mar 5 Do something you have been putting off or trying to avoid

Mar 6 Go for a walk in your neighborhood and pick up any trash you see

Mar 7 Go for a jog

Mar 8 Read Jonah 1:4 – 1:17 and then spend at least one hour doing something you enjoy

Mar 9 Fast from your favorite treat or hobby

Mar 10 Have a conversation with a family member in which you share one of the most difficult times of your life

Mar 11 Spend at least thirty minutes with someone under the age of 5 or over the age of 70

Lent can be a time for more than “business as usual” or “life as usual.” Consider making the most of these days to experience Lent in a very personal way.

The complete Lent 2020 Experiential Calendar is available in the fellowship area.


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