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Christmas Caroling!

What is your favorite Christmas carol? Is it a grand hymn like "Hark! the Harold Angels Sing" (and yes there is an “!” in the title - the ELW [Evangelical Lutheran Worship] says so). Is it something somber like "In the Bleak Midwinter" or calming like "Silent Night"?

Tonight, Wednesday, at 6:30 we will be singing Christmas carols - perhaps even a few of your favorites! In the nearly fully decorated sanctuary, we will join friends from the community and sing a few Christmas carols.

Think about what your favorite Christmas carol might be…

Got it?

Now, what does your Christmas carol say about you? I know that many of us might have taken a quiz like this online or have read articles, but below are a few examples of what some more popular Christmas carols may say about you:

According to Country Living, if you chose "Jingle Bells,"“you like to keep your Christmas style classic, yet fun. You appreciate elegant Christmas decor, but also want to maintain a light-hearted tone throughout your home.” Or if you chose "Silent Night," “you like your Christmas decor to be elegant, classic, and calm. You enjoy peace and quiet, and feel most content sitting on the couch, cocoa in hand, watching your tree twinkle.” (Check out other results here)

If you chose "White Christmas," The Odyssey Online says, “you live in the south where it hardly ever snows, and being a Christmas-enthusiast, nothing would delight you more than to have a snowfall on Christmas just like it always happens in those magical holiday movies.” (Being from Chicago, let me tell you, the snow does not hold the magic you might think).

Most of these are rather playful answers to what the carol would say about you. I wonder what you would say if you were writing these?

Perhaps you might like to share what your favorite Christmas carol is and what you think it says about you. Then, join us tonight at 6:30 pm at St. Stephen’s to sing a few carols and enjoy some cocoa and cookies!

See you then!

Pr. Jason

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