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What’s is your favorite passage in scripture? Is it something from the Psalms - ‘the Lord is my Shepherd…’ (Ps. 23)? Perhaps John - ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God.’ (John 1:1)?

I would encourage you to share your favorite passage in the comments section on Facebook or send me a note. I’m curious...what is your favorite passage? Some folks might have it memorized and others may have to google it for reference on chapter and verse. That is ok. Further, others may not have given thought to this question. That, too, is ok.

As the children are completing their Holy Communion classes, we are adding to their knowledge of bible stories. As they grow in their faith and begin to look towards Confirmation we will hear about their favorite passages. The challenge is how said passage relates to their growing faith. If you have a favorite passage, have you ever considered how it relates to your faith?

I encourage you to look at the scriptures and explore your faith. Think of bible stories you may remember and revisit them. Who knows, this could be a spiritual ah-ha moment. Don’t be surprised if this question comes up in conversation this summer and fall - I truly want to know what passage you love most.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Jason

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