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What sort of literature do you enjoy reading?

Classics like Pride and Prejudice?

Mysteries like Sherlock Holmes?

What about a good non-fiction book?

While many of us might be preparing to go to the beaches (or shore) or perhaps lighten up our summer load of responsibilities, we may be pondering what sort of book(s) we might enjoy in these lazy summer days.

Some of us might not have been able to answer the question as quickly as others. Not everyone finds the same joy as I do upon entering a Barnes and Noble to that wonderful smell of books and coffee. There is joy, to me, in seeing bookshelves stuffed with books - some read and others just waiting to be cracked open.

For others, a good relaxing day might find them in front of Netflix looking for a good movie. I wonder, what sort of movies you might find exciting? I too love film!

Sci-fi like something from the collection of the Star Wars films?

Drama like The Greatest Showman?

Or do you prefer to binge watch a television series like Will and Grace or The Flash?

I am sure that we all have a favorite book and/or movie, perhaps many favorites. But why? Why is it your favorite?

I can answer for myself...if I can sit and watch a television series like Doctor Who or read a book like the Historian and be transported to a different time and place in my imagination...I would usually describe that as being one of my favorites. Film and writing is an art. I believe it is the height of that artistic representation when it can actually transport you away from the world and into the story. Have you ever read such a great book that you actually felt like you were there?

I also believe that through film and book we can discover our own theologies and understanding of scripture. Could Shakespeare actually help us to appreciate and learn something about the Bible? Yes. Does Star Wars have anything to tell us about the Holy Spirit? You bet it does! How about Harry Potter or the show Once? Forgiveness and reconciliation are abundant themes.

Spiritual practices are not limited to the monastic traditions of contemplative prayer or lectio divina. Your deepening spirituality can happen in some of the most unlikely places as well. Perhaps in front of the movie screen on the Riverfront or in the pages of a great novel on the shore line of the Atlantic.

Comment on the Facebook link and share some places in books or film where you may have encountered the Holy or perhaps found a spiritual or theological thought.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Jason

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