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Now What?

Now what?

We commemorated the Reformation.

We wore red.

We dedicated a beautiful painting.

We sang A Mighty Fortress.

Now what?

What should we do now that the Reformation is over!?

On October 31, 1517 in a simple act of defiance Luther began a political, cultural and economic change that is still felt today. As Senator Coons said at the joint service on October 29th, the Reformation paved way for what would eventually become our democracy and our nation. It is the spirit of the Reformation that has and will continue to allow people the freedom of so much.

The freedom to question - question even the church!

The freedom to live in a way where church doctrine never over powers the true Word of God.

The freedom to be able to read and interpret Scripture without the overbearing eyes of a church that claims it has all the answers.

The freedom to be a church where even when imperfect, is still the recipient of free grace from God.

Free grace!

Not to be confused with cheap grace.

Grace comes from God, as we Lutherans know, through Jesus Christ. It does not come through anything we can do...other than simply believe in Christ.

What should we do now that the Reformation is over!?

First, and most important…

The Reformation is not over. It is still moving and pushing us to grow and learn how to be closer to the one we hold dear to our hearts, Jesus Christ.

The Reformation is what will continue to give the church not just purpose, but life even in the midst of death! Remember, even when things like traditions or even churches die...there is the sure promise of resurrection.

So what we should do is keep reforming. We should keep looking for new ways in which to hear God call us into the mission field (or as I like to say...the world outside our doors). In this we not only honor Martin Luther, but we honor the spirit of what he wanted the church to do. We honor God and recognize that the changing world is not to be feared, rather it is to be embraced, loved and cared for.

So the real question should be, how will you keep honoring the Reformation now that we are in the 500th year?

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Jason

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