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Flat Steve

Have you heard of Flat Luther?

How about Flat Jesus??

I’m sure you might have seen a few pictures of Martin Luther or Jesus photobombing a picture here and there.

It’s only July and I am pretty sure that we all have some travel plans yet to be fulfilled…I for one am planning on heading out to my old stomping grounds in August for continuing education. So it occurs to me that we could begin a fun tradition of sending Saint Stephen around the state, country and globe and documenting his journeys.

So without further ado I would like to introduce you to Flat Steve!

Flat Steve can travel with you to the beach (or shore if you really must go to Jersey), he can go on the train to Philly or DC, in your purse or backpack…he can travel anywhere! All you have to do is find a great spot and take a selfie with him!! It can be right at home or on the other end of the globe…your call. (I know some of us already have taken our trips…but some Photoshop never really hurt anyone…has it)?

Flat Steve will be available at church on Sunday or you can down load and print him out here!

Once you have Steve ready to go all you need do is snap a pic and post it on Twitter or Facebook and tag St. Stephen’s and add this hashtag: #FlatSteve. Who knows…perhaps Steve will get his own Facebook page by Sunday.

Let’s have fun and share our adventures with each other and see how far we can take Steve.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Jason

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