Empty Bowl Dinner

7th Annual Empty Bowl Dinner 

Giving Back to our Community

Thank you to our patrons, our sponsors, and our restaurants for their continued support of the feeding ministries at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church. Due to COVID-19, we were not able to host our dinner this year at the church. We chose to give back by patronizing the restaurants and cafes that have helped us over these past seven years. 


We wish to continue to give back to our community!


During this year, leading up to the 8th Annual Empty Bowl Dinner, we encourage you to continue to patronize our sponsors. You can click on the links below to visit their webpages and place your orders. Your orders will help to say thank you to these institutions that have helped us in our fight against poverty and hunger. If you wish to say thank you to them you can click here for a downloadable Empty Bowl Dinner thank you card. Please let them know that you are calling from St. Stephen’s.


Also, if possible, please be generous to your server whether you are dining in-house, ordering takeout, or curbside pick-up.  


As we eagerly await the coming announcement for the 8th Annual Empty Bowl Dinner in the coming months, please feel free to support the feeding ministries at St. Stephen's by clicking one of the donation links below. 


Appleton Catering

Takeout available. 302-992-0998

Brew HaHa! Trolley Square

Curbside pick up. 302-778-2656

Bull's Eye Bar and Restaurant

Dine-in and takeout. 302-663-6557

Catherine Rooney's

Dine-in and takeout. 302-654-9700

Dead Presidents

Dine-in and takeout. 302-652-7737

Degnar's Greenhill Deli

Dining outside, takeout through Grubhub. 302-656-3663

El Toro Mexican Restaurant

Dine-in and takeout. 302-777-4417

First Watch

Dine-in and takeout. 302-894-4030

Gallucio's Italian Restaurant

Dine-in and takeout. 302-655-3689


Dine-in and takeout. 302-428-1060

Grain Craft Bar + Kitchen

Dine-in and takeout. 302-444-8646

Hollywood Grill

Dine-in and takeout. 302-655-1448

Kid Shelleen's

Dine-in and call for takeout. 302-658-4600

Locale BBQ Post

Takeout. 302-655-1880

Metro Diner Newark

Dine-in and takeout. 302-273-0850

Metro Diner 202

Dine-in and takeout. 302-426-2226

Mexican Table

Dine-in and takeout. 302-239-5590

Mrs. Robino's

Dine-in and takeout. 302-652-9223

Pinji's Cafe

Takeout. 302-655-4959

Quinn's Cafe

Dine-in and takeout. 302-239-7440

Rocco Italian Grill

Dine-in and takeout. 302-384-6052

Sanson's Seafood Market

Takeout. 302-652-6717

Six Paupers

Dine-in and takeout. 302-489-7287

Stitch House Brewery

Dine-in and takeout. 302-250-4280


Dine-in and takeout. 302-777-2040