This is NOT biblical

An urgent call to action in
Wilmington and New Castle County
Community Gathering and Vigil
for the children in detention and captivity
at the US Border
Thursday, June 21, 8 pm
Delaware Avenue and Broom St.
(Soldiers & Sailors Monument Park)

Kairos (καιρός) is an Ancient Greek word meaning the right, critical, or opportune moment, a proper or opportune time for action.


Dear Friends,


This is truly a Kairos Moment. Our scripture and faith have been used to commit atrocities across the world and throughout history. We have used it to condone slavery, gender inequality, homophobia and transphobia...and now the separation of children from their families at the borderlands of the United States and Mexico.


The Church Universal cannot stand silent as scripture is being used to commit human atrocities.


The issues of law and immigration are complex and yet the ability to lend human compassion and love (as we are commanded to do so by Jesus Christ) is simple.


This is truly a Kairos Moment. It is a Kairos Moment because there has never been a more opportune time to act as a Christian faith - across denominations to stand and in one single voice speak to the world. In one single voice, we can tell the world that what is happening in the United States is not only against everything we hold dear in our scriptures, but also a human atrocity that could potentially leave a stain on the fabric of a society that is built on principles that all people are created equal.


Exodus 22:21 tells us that we shall not wrong or oppress an immigrant.


Leviticus 19:33 and 24:22 tells us that the immigrant that resides with you should be treated as a citizen


Deuteronomy 27:19 goes as far as to curse those that abuse or withhold justice from an immigrant


Jeremiah 22:3 tells us to do no wrong or harm to an immigrant.


And in the second chapter of the Gospel of Matthew, we find the refugee story of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, along with his parents as they flee danger in their homeland and become refugees living in a foreign land - safe from the oppression and human indignity of infanticide and persecution.


That is Biblical.


This is truly a Kairos Moment. On Thursday, June 21 at 8 pm, please join us as we gather at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument on Delaware Avenue and Broom Street. Together we will stand vigil against the detention of children. There is hope that the light will overcome the great darkness that is being stretched across our land. Bring a candle to show you will be a source of light in the darkness. Bring a flag of your ancestral home to show that we too are the product of immigration to this country.


Bring your compassion. Bring your love. Together we can show the world there is a better way.


Yours in the peace from our Creator,


Rev. Jason R. Churchill, pastor

St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church

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