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Important Worship Information

Our COVID task force met Monday evening. We agreed on these two guiding principles:

  1. The health of those who come to worship is paramount and will guide our decisions.

  2. Worship is central to who we are. Christians need to gather to be with each other, to worship and to receive Communion.

What this means:

If for any reason you judge it not safe for you to gather with us, we support your decision and invite you to join us online.

We believe that given our large space and small numbers, it is easy for worshipers to socially distance themselves.

We will continue to require properly worn masks while in the building.

We will continue to receive Communion by inviting worshipers to come forward to receive the pre-packaged wine (or grape juice) and bread which will be consumed by worshipers after they return to their places.

We believe this is safe for those who are vaccinated and not otherwise compromised by a health condition.

This is not how we want things to be, but this is the reality, and we will make the best of it. So, if you are able to join us in worship, please do!

And if you are able, this Sunday would be a really good day to be with us - on Sunday we will put away the Christmas decorations, and many hands make light work.

Peace be with you!

Pastor Mark Walters


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