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Christmas Trees - Everywhere

It does not take long for evergreen trees to begin appearing just before Halloween. It seems that department stores and malls waste very little soon as the air begins to cool down and become crisp...plastic and real evergreen forests begin to appear in our lives.

As a child, I would look forward to the scent of the tree coming out of its attic-bound boxes. It meant Christmas was coming. I enjoy Christmas trees, the lights and ornaments. I prefer trees that have family ornaments that carry cherished memories adorning them. The perfectly trimmed and color coordinated trees can also capture the light of the season. Be it perfectly coiffed, eclectic, or even a tree fit for Charlie Brown...once lit up they remind us of the light of Christ we anticipate every Advent.

But it’s not just the lights that remind us of Christ and scripture. Pope John Paul II wrote this in his Message of the Christmas Tree: Life Is "Ever Green:” (12/19/04)

“The traditional "Christmas tree" is a very ancient custom which exalts the value of life, as in winter the evergreen becomes a sign of undying life. In general, the tree is decorated and Christmas gifts are placed under it. The symbol is also eloquent from a typically Christian point of view: It reminds us of the "tree of life" (see Genesis 2:9), representation of Christ, God’s supreme gift to humanity. The message of the Christmas tree, therefore, is that life is "ever green" if one gives: not so much material things, but of oneself: in friendship and sincere affection, and fraternal help and forgiveness, in shared time and reciprocal listening.”

However you see the Christmas tree - I pray that God blesses you with renewal and hope this Advent season. May God be with you and your life “ever green.”

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Jason

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