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It's in the Small and Unexpected

It's in the small things.

It's in the unexpected things.

A phone call, a thought, a prayer. While those seem small, they are significant. A simple ‘hello’ as you pass by someone, or that extra time you spend with a loved one, again – significant. This Sunday we are going to hear our final story about faith. I wonder where you will find yourself in the story? Will you find something unexpected and yet significant?

As we move into Autumn, into the harvest, let's rejoice in the small significant things that can perhaps bring about great spiritual transformation at the church. One small addition to the worship space is the tidying up of the corner behind the piano. Removing the clutter that was there has revealed a wonderful little space that suits itself as a nice side chapel. Sometimes Sunday mornings can be hectic and hurried making silent prayer and reflection difficult. This space provides for a place that should be free of distraction and conversation – a space where one can lose themselves in prayer and contemplation.

In the process of preparing this space we have decided that St. Stephen's has been separated from the beauty and historical significance of the marble font. Collecting dust.. tucked near a fire escape…is no place for a baptismal font – especially one that many of you have been baptized in. So, in what might seem unexpected, we will once again gather around the old font. We will look towards the first Sunday of Advent to rededicate the font as we gather around it in a season of anticipation and unexpected joy.

Where do you find the small yet significant? Where do you find the unexpected?

Think about the answers you would give to the questions, because there's a good chance that in those places you will find the Holy.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Jason

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