Holy Spirit

Confession time: The hardest part of writing the blog every other week is coming up with an idea. The idea bank is totally empty this week., so I'm sharing some photos of the real Holy Spirit (courtesy of Unvirtuous Abbey/@unvirtuousabbey on Facebook/Twitter)

♫♫Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum! ♪♪

I always think of the ride Pirates of the Caribbean in Disney World whenever I get a letter from the Seamen’s Center of Wilmington. I know, it is an unfair comparison…perhaps even offensive and I must apologize for that. I suppose not being from the East Coast has something to do with this. I also have to admit; I was not familiar with this organization. The mission statement on the website for the Seamen’s Center of Wilmington states: “The mission of the Seamen’s Center of Wilmington, Inc., is to meet the needs of the seafarers who visit the Ports in the State of Delaware. Our goal is to make their time in port a rewarding one by providing personal, practical and spiritual assistance. A war

Music Can Change the World

Music can change the world. That's what is on the tour t-shirts for my recent Delaware Womens' Chorus trip. It was an appropriate phrase given that we spent a week touring and singing in the Baltic nations: Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia (more on that later). It was a week of experiencing the power of music. As my group came down one narrow street in Riga, we came upon a trumpet/tuba duo. They were playing something I assume was local music. Once they identified us as Americans, they started playing the Star-Spangled Banner. There was no way we could ignore that! In Tallin we took a break at a plaza that had a wonderful view of the old city. There was a violin/accordion duo. I listened for a

Who is your neighbor?

Sunday’s reading is a rather well known Gospel parable. So much so we have a law named after the hero, I worked at one of the many hospitals to carry the name of the one that came to the rescue of an injured man...the story of the Good Samaritan is well known. The story is told and told again, each time asking us to ponder the question: “who is my neighbor?” Most recently, the story is being used by Christian groups at the US/Mexico border to advocate a policy of welcome and hospitality. Considering the heat around this debate, a heat more scorching than the sun in the El Paso sector, we need to be careful not to allow partisanship to scream over the Biblical relevance of today’s crisis. Peo

What Does Patriotism Mean?

This is the week in which Americans celebrate the Fourth of July. I hope that this is a safe space for me to come out as one who is really ambivalent about both Memorial Day and Independence Day. I look up and down the street and see that in front of almost every house, an American flag flies. Then there’s my house: on one corner of the front porch a Tibetan prayer flag flaps its petitions for peace; on the other corner, I have a wind chime patterned after a Zen temple bell. I have to say that my neighbors are pretty tolerant: but on a windy night that has been the occasion for the bell to ring incessantly, I can’t help but wonder if they aren’t raising their eyebrows with an “oh really?” ki

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