Picking and Choosing

Does the Bible lose its validity if it’s altered? If I can pick and choose verses to present in argument, is that actually presenting a Biblical case? I visited the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC, last week. I went expecting an in-your-face presentation of Biblical inerrancy, but I was pleasantly surprised. The museum seems to ignore anything that didn’t happen in Israel, America, or England in the time of the Revolution, so there’s a lot left out. But what was presented was interesting. One exhibit was about the Slave Bible. This was created in the early 1800s by the Society for the Conversion of Negro Slaves. It was meant to teach the fundamentals of reading, and to introduce the Bi

Which Version?

I often wonder what version of the Bible others are reading. For most folks in the ELCA, it’s the New Revised Standard Version or the NRSV. But in our Bible Studies - particularly Wednesday - we have a plethora of translations. Sometimes there are more translations than there are people! Many of you probably have heard of the King James Version. Though beautifully poetic, it lacks in translation inaccuracies. I enjoy the Common English Bible, but it has its shortcomings as well. The Message is fun, but by no means should it be taken as the only authority. One of the best suggestions I have seen is to find a Bible that is comfortable to read and to use that alongside commentaries (notes on th

Burning Bushes

I am notorious for not noticing things. Did I see what a great job the landscapers did? No, not at all. Doesn't the piano sound so much better? It sounds the same to me. That doesn't mean I'm oblivious to change. Like any self-respecting, self-centered individual, I notice things that affect me personally. Which leads to one of my favorite questions: how many burning bushes did Moses pass before he finally noticed? (The flip side to that question is how many people passed the burning bush before Moses finally stopped?) Dave works in Center City Philadelphia. You can't go to Center City without encountering homeless people. I know I'm immune to street people. It's possible to walk around them


The sign below the painting at Friday night’s Art Loop read “in surprise the woman said, ‘I had never thought of that.’” Art Loop is a first Friday art event in the city of Wilmington. Galleries pop up across the city and invite art enthusiasts and spectators to travel around where they can sip wine or coffee and have hors d'oeuvres as they view diverse expressions from varied artists. In February, St. Stephen’s hosted Pastor Linda Gunderson. Pastor Linda is a local artist out of Elkton, Maryland and an ELCA pastor in Newark, Delaware. Linda’s show was titled “Glances from White Privilege.” Different scenes from her personal journey and understanding of her privilege as white woman were pain

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