Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day! Well, at least it was up until 1970, then they changed it to the last Monday of May. However, Wilmington has always honored our fallen soldiers and their sacrifice on May 30th with the longest running Memorial Day Parade, from the first in 1868 and tonight will be the 151st. Rain or shine. While this is a quaint way to kick off our official summer festivities, it is also a somber day for those that gave their lives in service to this nation. Today is not to be confused with Veterans Day - when we recognize those that served - today is a day we remember those that have, through their service, given the ultimate sacrifice. War has been one of the ugliest plagues on human

The Wedding

I did not watch "The Wedding." I didn't watch the last one, or the one before that. At one point in my life, I'm sure I would have been glued to the TV. As a 10-year-old I knew Prince Charles was out my range, but Andrew and Edward were still possibilities. But that passed by the time I was 11. I'm not anti-wedding, I just don't see any reason to watch a wedding that doesn't include people I know. I may go back and listen to the gospel choir. I've been told that their "oo's" are what singers aspire to. I may read Rev. Michael Curry's sermon, if only to figure out what people found offensive about it. I've seen the photos, I've seen the news clips. I've seen the cute kids. I've seen the dres

Praying for Peace

Last week we acknowledged that Christ ascended to heaven and is now with God - physically at least. As the candle that stands in our sanctuary reminds us, Christ is always with us when we gather and when we scatter. In fact, the Gospel of Matthew ends with this comforting affirmation from Jesus “and be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Sunday we will celebrate what is known as the church’s birthday - Pentecost. The church and many church goers will be decked out in red for the celebration. The descending of the Holy Spirit is truly a time of chaotic celebration...and chaotic it will be. From the first reading to the last, but peace will be restored as we settle

Lost Among the Trees

For April my embroidery group provided items to display for St. Stephen’s monthly Art Loop participation. It was a reminder to me that we sometimes find ourselves lost among the trees. There are people who love to look at paintings. They can see the brush strokes, understand the color blending, examine how a certain figure is shaped. I look at paintings and know I either like it or I don't. The details escape me. Embroidery is different for me. I love looking at the detail. I can spend considerable time looking at the stitches, the threads and materials used, the ways that figures and shapes are created. I had several pieces on display, and I was able to hear the comments that people made on

A Pastoral Letter

Our blogs tend to be thoughts and musing, articles both serious and humorous. Today, however, I wish to take this opportunity to write this Pastoral Letter to you in light of the last few months here at St. Stephen’s. Dear Friends, I write this letter to you today as I look back over the first five months of the year. It is not a secret, nor is it unknown, 2018 has been a rather difficult year in regards to loss. Many members of our church and friends of St. Stephen’s have experienced significant loss of family members, be it children, spouses, parents or grandparents...and for our tiny parish this is significant. While we may not see the absence of these dear ones in Christ on Sunday (many

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