What Time Is It?

I woke up during the night on Monday/Tuesday and heard a program on the TV which caused me to think "Why is that show on? It's Sunday morning." (I know, we're not to supposed to sleep with the TV on, but we do.) But then I had to figure out why, in the fog of sleep, I thought it was Sunday morning rather than Tuesday. I decided it was because I hadn't gone to church on Sunday. Dave shared his cold with me, and rather than share my cough and sneezes with everyone else I stayed home on Sunday morning. It means I missed my cue that tells me where I am in time. Sunday's cue is church. Monday's cue is chorus rehearsal. That was how I figured out it was Tuesday, because I knew I had just been to r

What Is Wisdom?

I always wonder what wisdom looks like. I wonder because of many reasons, we seem to be lacking wisdom in political and social discourse, we talk about wisdom in our Scriptures, wisdom seems to be connected to age, etc… Wisdom can be defined as the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement. So to be wise we need not just experience but also good judgement. I suppose that means we need to put our experience to good use. After all, I do believe that if we cannot learn from our experiences then we have nothing. Even our so called failures should be lessons as to how to grow and change and live more fully into a wise person. But what about Wisdom Literature? This included the b


Tears are amazing things. They are a sign of sorrow, and anger, and fear, and frustration. They are a sign of joy, and fun, and sentimentality. The same physical reaction can be associated with the whole range of human emotions. It takes a lot to make some people cry. I'm not one of them. I'm a serial crier. All I have to do is see someone else in (or even near) tears, and I'm right there with them. I cry at commercials. I cry at movies. I cry anticipating the part in movies where I know I’m going to cry. I cry at jokes. I cry at memories. I cry at weddings. I cry at funerals. I cry at music. It’s why I don’t wear mascara. It’s also why I usually end up laughing, because I think it’s so sill

Valentine and Ash

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. While some may call this a “Hallmark Holiday,” I always have a more interesting feeling about the 14th of February. My favorite - or one of my favorite - restaurants back home in Chicago is called Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinders. In fact, I love the place so much I have the address memorized...2121 N. Clark Street. Across the street is one of those antique stores that can get you in a whole lot of trouble if you have time to kill...and believe me, you will have a lot of time to kill waiting for your table to be available! But just steps from that great shop and across from the restaurant is 2122 N. Clark...the site of a now torn down unassuming building t

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