Religious, Not Spiritual

I'm religious not spiritual. I know that's not the way it's usually said. Modern spirituality frequently means looking inward to find peace and personal empowerment. It’s geared toward a higher spirit, but isn’t always connected with organized religion. I've met people who strike me as both religious and spiritual. They see God in everything. They quote Bible verses for everything. They talk with great enthusiasm about what God has done in their lives. They talk about sitting still in God’s presence and feeling renewed. I just can't do it. I don't talk in God talk. I have problems specifically identifying God as the source of good (or bad) things that happen in my life. While I’m sure there

Loaves Abound!

Friends at St. Stephen’s: grace and peace! The postcard announcing our annual congregational meeting arrived this morning. I regret that I can’t be there. That’s new for me: budgets and constitutional decisions have never been favorite things to consider when I need something to occupy my time. What’s changed? Well, for one: Charles Hodge was a long-tenured president at Princeton Theological Seminary, following the almost as long tenure of his father. The younger Hodge said toward the end of his career, sometime in the 1890’s, that he was proud that “not a single original thought had been thought at Princeton during his tenure.” His attitude was still lurking at Luther Seminary in St. Pau

No Beginning, No End

The fact that there is no beginning and no end is evident to me this month. Two weeks ago we celebrated the end of one calendar year and the beginning of another. Every new year involves changes: for me it’s trying remember to write the date differently. Budgets end, vacation accounting resets. And it seems we immediately begin the countdown to the big event that marks the beginning of the end of the year: only 359 days until Christmas. And the cycle starts all over again. We recognize Advent as the beginning of the church year. We start out with quiet preparation for the joyous Christmas celebration. We ramp up our excitement through Epiphany and Lent so we can get to the BIG celebration of

Why Martin Still Matters

January 15, 2018 we once again commemorate the legendary Civil Rights leader, preacher/pastor, and beloved child of God, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. April 4, 2018 will mark the fifty years since the assassination of this great spiritual leader of our nation. For a great number of us, a growing number in fact, Dr. King is a figure in history - seen through the eyes of social studies textbooks, theological books, and documentaries. For others, there is a more concrete memory of this man - they were alive during the Civil Rights movement...and some may have even marched or seen with their own eyes this monumental figure. But, does Martin still matter? After all, some may point to the fact that w

Christmas Thoughts

Some facts from the Pew Research Center 99 percent of Americans celebrate Christmas (this number has remained consistent since 2013) 71 percent of Americans claim affiliation with a Christian denomination 23 percent of Americans claim no affiliation with a religious body 6 percent of Americans claim affiliation with a non-Christian faith There are a lot of people celebrating Christmas for no religious reason. Jesus may not always be the reason for the season. 46 percent of Americans celebrate Christmas primarily as a religious holiday 9 percent of Americans celebrate Christmas as both a religious and cultural holiday 36 percent of Americans celebrate Christmas as a cultural holiday There are

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