On the Sixth Day...

Outside the world of religion, the Reformation gave birth to several societal changes: Book publishing Prior to the Reformation, book publishing was limited largely to religious and educational texts. Books were in Latin and Greek and were intended for scholars. Publishing was centered in just a few cities in Europe with easy access to the trade routes. The written discussions and arguments and defenses that arose from the posting of the 95 Theses created an industry that made Wittenberg the center of book publishing in the mid-1500s. Original Reformation-oriented works would be printed in Wittenberg, and quickly reprinted by other markets. Distribution from was major publishing centers was

Counted in! (even if it’s a bit blurry)

How are we feeling about being “counted in?” Our annual pledge campaign is starting and I do hope you have your “count me in” button. If not, you can come to the office to pick one up, come to church on Sunday, or call pastor, and he will hand deliver one to you! We are obviously just half a week away from “Commitment Sunday” when we bring our pledge cards to church - helping the finance committee and council prepare an annual budget for 2018. Finances are always tough to discuss, but with such optimism and energy at St. Stephen’s it’s not so bad. I actually believe that the era of huge deficits is slowly being left behind as we not only believe in a future we can actually see it starting to

On the Fifth Day...

Reformation doesn’t happen quietly. Martin Luther’s Reformation began as a war of words. Those words, those ideas, took hold across Europe. Switzerland At the same time Luther was starting his push for change in the Roman Catholic Church, Ulrich Zwingli was making similar arguments in Switzerland. He preached against fasting during Lent. He denounced corruption among the clergy. He rejected the veneration of saints. His teachings formed a strong basis for the Reformed church, which was furthered by the work of John Calvin. His greatest disagreement with Martin Luther was over the issue of the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist. Zwingli’s teachings weren’t universally accepted in the fe

Never Stop Reforming! (Even after 500 years...we still have a long way to go)

In anticipation of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, I thought it would be fun to read some of the famous quotes by Martin Luther and others. I hope that we, together, can get into the spirit of the Reformation at St. Stephen’s. Come to worship that Sunday morning and learn how the Reformation was not just an event with a start and finish...but how one moment in history keeps us pushing forward in the spirit of Reforming and striving to hear the new and wonderfully Holy places we are called. The Reformation is still going...and will only end when we see the Kingdom of Heaven. Until then we need to continue to listen to the transformative voice of God found in the Word, in Scripture,

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