On the Fourth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

So we all hear about the Twelve Days of Christmas, starting on Christmas Day, either through the song or through our church. Many of the liturgical days and seasons last more than just the day. Easter is not just the day, but it’s the season. Christmas, like Easter, is not just the day. It’s twelve days leading us to the Epiphany. Along the way we have a day commemorating the The Name of Jesus. All important times, but the Christmas season officially ends on the Epiphany, the day we celebrate the coming of the magi. (That’s really good news for those of us that really do not feel like taking down the Christmas decorations yet). Before we start talking about the beloved song, please let me in

Keep Calm and Smile On

Christmas is fast approaching, and I’m sure many are feeling the stress of the times. Take a few minutes to relax and hopefully chuckle, or think. The items this week are all from the Twitter account and Facebook account of Unvirtuous Abbey. Enjoy. For grandmothers who give us exactly what we want for our birthdays without even asking us, we give thanks. @SylviaDHook For clergy who pray for our dear departed cats, we give thanks @RainicornMax For those who insist that others get on the bus before them, we give thanks. @emdash29 For bagboys and store clerks who are kind, gentle, and patient with tiny, frail old ladies, Lord, we give thanks. @winterlyHome For all the times I must explain that

Christmas Confession - and Hope

Time for a confession from your pastor. I’m a nerd. I love, LOVE Doctor Who. There was not a time during seminary when I was not watching, listening, or quoting something from the famous BBC Sci-Fi thriller. There is something about the wonderful fantastical world of a time traveling alien exploring history, philosophy, and theology. Without getting too much into the impossible details of a time traveling man with more than 13 lives from Gallifrey or entering into the discussion of which Doctor is better, I do want to quote my favorite Doctor, Matt Smith. During one of the episodes Matt Smith’s incarnation of the Doctor said that “the universe is big, it’s vast and complicated, and ridiculou

Pondering Christmas

Before we moved to Wilmington my family lived in a small Connecticut town of about 24,000 people. It was a racially and economically diverse town, and was home to government offices, expensive water-front properties, and government-funded housing projects. I was involved with an umbrella group for neighborhood associations. Not neighborhood associations that dictate what color you can paint your house or whether you can put up a flag pole. These were home-grown neighborhood associations, created to bring communities together and to provide a voice for the residents. My last winter in town, the umbrella group hosted a special Christmas event. The different neighborhood associations provided u

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