Holy Places

I had the opportunity recently to tour the new Church of Later-Day Saints Temple in Philadelphia. Once the building is consecrated in a few weeks, only LDS members will be able to enter. Until then, they have the building open for tours. Over the entry doors of all LDS temples is the phrase "Holiness to the Lord, the House of the Lord." To Mormons this building represents a holy place. Nothing about it felt holy to me. It felt sterile, like a hotel lobby. Clearly we all approach "holy" places differently. We're familiar with what the St. Stephen's sanctuary looks like. Most of us probably take it for granted by now. It wonderful to show it to visitors, because the stained glass windows and s

Finding Energy

Low energy. No, not one politician's reference to a competitor. It's the way a lot of us are feeling at the moment. We're okay as long as we are in our confined, air-conditioned spaces. But once we go outside into the heat the energy seems to just be zapped from us. We are low energy. I talk fast. I know I talk fast. When a previous pastor commented that I talk too fast my response was that she listens too slow. I think of that sometimes during the worship service. Sometimes I feel like we're talking, and listening, too slowly. Our Father in Heaven, [pause] hallowed be your name, [pause] Your kingdom come, [pause] your will be done, [pause] on earth as in heaven. [pause] Give us today [pause

Beware the Little Foxes

Beware the little foxes. People have all sorts of quick phrases to remind them of the larger truths. Beware the little foxes is one that I use. It's from Song of Solomon (2:15). "Catch us the foxes, the little foxes, that ruin the vineyards - for our vineyards are in blossom." I learned it in the context of parliamentary work: watch out for the little things, the things you don't think will be a problem, because they turn into the largest headaches. It's true. It's always the motions that we think are simple that end up causing the most problems. I was reminded of the phrase this week when I went to work on a craft project. It's a simple beaded name tag. It's not big, there's not a lot of de

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As a Reconciling in Christ congregation of the ELCA, we believe that the gospel is God's gift to all people, shared unconditionally and without regard to race, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic or family status, age, physical or mental abilities, outward appearance, or religious affiliation. We seek to live the truth written in Ephesians that Christ breaks down the dividing walls between us and makes us one.


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We are a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and the Delaware-Maryland Synod.



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