Easter Worship on the Island of Maui

Our God is everyone’s God! The church choir is singing the Hallelujah Chorus in their native language, Tongan, and the only words recognizable to us are the instances when “Hallelujah” is repeated. But I know the bass part and I try to sing along in English as best I can. My wife, Sue, and I are attending this United Methodist Tongan church because it is the Protestant church nearest to the villa where we stay. What strikes me as I listen to this familiar music is how present God is in this place. In a different language, in a different culture, God has reached these people and they profess their faith in and their devotion to the same Jesus Christ that we worship in our churches back home.

It Is Good

For the first time in eight years I am not spending Holy Week drowning in the paperwork that comes with five worship services in eight days. It is good. Instead I am spending a near perfect vacation gathered in a room of friends, new and old, working on an embroidery project. It is good. It is magical to sit down with a blank piece of fabric and a pile of threads and watch something come to life. It's a little God-like. It's amazing to stand back, to look at your creation and the creations of others and say "It is good." One topic of conversation that frequently comes up at events like this is the idea of process versus project. For some people, the end project is the goal. They like to purc

Changing Times

The Lutheran church is changing. When I was a child, the baptismal font was hidden away. I remember being baptized in a small, dark, windowless room with only my family present. My children were baptized in front of the entire congregation during a regular church service. More and more churches are moving baptismal fonts to the entrance of church, so it becomes a visible reminder of our baptism in Christ as we enter the church and as we go into the world. When I young, pastors went to a church straight out of seminary and sometimes stayed until they retired. It was comforting to know that through my childhood, my wedding and the birth of my two children that the same pastor was at my home co

Don't Miss a Chapter!

My one-year-Bible-reading plan goes in fits and spurts. If I stay on the current track it will have taken me only 1 ½ years. Last fall I was going with the plan fairly well, which meant that as the calendar entered the month of December, my reading plan entered the four gospels. How wonderful to be reading the story of the birth of Jesus during that time. It clearly was meant to be. I’ve had a reading lapse since then, so when I started up again recently, I found myself at the end of the gospels, and into the story of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. I’ll be through the passion story all too soon. Again, it clearly was meant to be, to have these stories presented to me at the appropriate time in

Starting the Conversation

Several years ago those attending Synod Assembly received buttons which read: "I am an evangelical. I share the good news." I'm a realist. I'm a Lutheran, and I don't share much of anything about my faith. I admire people who can talk freely about their faith, about how God has had an active hand in their lives, about how their lives turned around when they accepted God. They have a freedom of speaking about faith which is awesome. I also admire people who can start up conversations with anyone, about anything. My mother-in-law was like that. She could get someone's life history in five minutes in a store check-out line. My husband is like that. I am not. I come from a very non-chatty family

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