Mrs. Rose

I meet with a group of women once a month. We share an interest in embroidery. When we gather, we show off our finished projects and our works in progress (WIP). We have all stitched generic kits, but each one of us has at least one truly personal project in our lives, either completed, in progress, or just in our heads. Susan was at her first gathering yesterday. She brought “Mrs. Rose,” her major WIP. This is a somewhat famous piece in the stitching blog world. Susan told us the story of Mrs. Rose. When she was in junior high school Susan had to do community service. She chose to go to a local nursing home a few days a week after school. Susan already spent time with her grandmother, and h

Responding Through Faith

Something in Sunday's sermon caught my attention: "Jesus' miracles sometimes required a lot of work from his disciples." Servants had to fill the jugs with water before Jesus could perform the miracle of turning it into wine. Jesus filled the nets of the fishermen to the point of breaking, but then they had to do the work of getting the fish to shore; the nets cleaned, repaired and put away; and the fish to market. The feeding of the five thousand resulted in having to pick up all the leftovers and figure out what to do with them. Abraham and Sarah had to pick up their lives and move to a new land. Moses had to face the Pharaoh multiple times, and then lead the people through exile for 40 ye

Some Thoughts on Gossip

When I have the opportunity to teach youth about the Ten Commandments, I always delight in teaching the commandment we Lutherans number as eight (since others number the commandments slightly differently, it’s the one about bearing false witness). Most young people as well as many adults seem to think this refers only to courtroom behavior. They are often surprised to discover that the commandment extends to lying of all sorts including the old standby, gossip. I will admit that some gossip is not, technically, a lie. Martin Luther was happy to point out that even spreading the truth in a malicious fashion was a breach of the intent of the commandment. It's easy to understand why God would i

A New Chance

I love the opportunity to start over. Advent is the start of a new church year, time for me to finally get my desk cleaned up. January 1 is the start of the new calendar year, time for me to finally get the living room cleaned up. Lent is the start of a period of introspection, time for me to finally start that Bible reading program. Summer is a relaxed schedule, some of the regular time pressures are off, time for me to finally get the spare room cleaned up. September is the start of a new program year, time for me to finally get my dresser cleaned up. Advent is the start of a new church year, time for me to…. Are you sensing a trend here? (Other than the fact that housework is clearly not

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