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One of the readings for this Sunday is Jesus’ raising of Lazarus. There is so much that is powerful in this story, but one of the images I am grateful for is that of Jesus weeping. Think about it – Jesus knows he has the power to raise Lazarus back to life and yet, he still weeps. Why? Is he weeping for the statement Martha has just made upon his request that they open the tomb – “Lord, he’s been dead four days; there will be a stench.” Is he crying for all those before and yet to come? For the brokenness and sadness and stench of that which brings death and so often before its time into people’s lives? Is he weeping for us because he knows how hard it is for us to weep for ourselves? And


This Sunday is Reformation Sunday, a Lutheran festival day not celebrated by other denominations. It is a day Lutherans remember the legendary act of Martin Luther posting his 95 theses on the Wittenberg church door in 1517 calling the Church to re-form itself to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We, Lutherans, remember Martin Luther but reformation itself is a Christian not a Lutheran act. I think of Martin Luther King, Sr. whose original name and son’s name was Michael until he traveled in Germany and heard the story of Martin Luther. He was so inspired by Luther’s courage and faithfulness that he came home and changed his and his son’s names to Martin Luther. Was it mere coincidence or was som

The Healing Power of Prayer

Hubert Humphrey, while hospitalized for the bladder cancer that ultimately claimed his life, reported in 1978 that for him it was “a spiritual experience” to receive word that congregations in churches and synagogues all over the world were praying for him: “I want to tell you, my friend, I could feel it, actually feel it. It came to me with a great surge of healing. I could feel it in my body, the warmth, the friendship, the prayers. It was really like a healing balm. I know it sounds almost irrational. I can't explain it, but I know something was happening to me and I was getting strength from it.” – June Bingham and Norman Tamarkin, M.D., The Pursuit of Health Every week during our wors

The Uncertain Resource

God’s gift of water is becoming an endangered resource or as Larry Rasmussen calls it in his beautiful and informative book Earth-Honoring Faith, the “chief uncertain resource.” This gift of life necessary for survival has become for some an investment. People buy up and sell or buy up and hoard water and water sources waiting for a shortage so they can get rich or at least can ensure their own survival. Water is, of course, necessary for all life forms. As someone said: “No blue, no green, no green, no us.” The impact of water shortages has been playing itself out in geopolitical ways for a while. In a Smithsonian Magazine article from June of 2013, Joshua Hammer asks: “Is a Lack of Water

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