Among the trees

A few weeks ago four trees were cut down on the campus where I live, two of them in our backyard. It’s a good thing, as a couple of them were dead and the two in our yard were leaning far more than the Tower of Pisa and towards our house. Despite assurances from more spatially astute people than I that the trees would not hit the house if they fell, now when the wind blows or the rains soak the earth I won’t worry that this will be the event that sends the trees crashing to the ground, smashing everything, including possibly our house, in their path. At the same time, I feel rather sad. Trees are living things – part of God’s wondrous creation. And the two trees in our yard have been compani

God is Love

On the PBS Newshour two weeks ago there was a story about a woman, Sabina Khatri, who is the founder of a school in Karachi, Pakistan. Her belief is that Pakistan’s social and economic problems have their root in a broken educational system (I would suggest the same is true in our country). Of course, there the situation is infinitely more dire as only 2% of the budget goes to education and much of that money gets pocketed. Schools exist only on paper; 50% of the schools are without electricity and 40% without toilets. Over against this reality, the Karachi school is seeking to make a difference in the lives of the poor children of Karachi and thereby in the country. The school teaches criti

Solid Ground

I soooo want the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the NBA finals. I try not to care; I really do. After they blew the last shot of the first game and then fell apart in overtime, I tried to comfort myself with: “Hey, it was really good basketball; great to watch.” When it was announced that Irving, one of their best players, had broken his kneecap at the end of the first game, I thought like many that it would be tough to win unless some others could step up their game. So, I went into the second game trying to distance myself from caring. I had the game on, but I busied myself with cleaning the room as I watched. Most people I have talked to about these finals couldn’t care less about them, and t

Amazing Stories

Five of us attended the Delaware-Maryland Synod Assembly (church council meeting for Lutheran churches in Delaware and Maryland) at the end of last week. I stayed at Mike Lehm’s mother Magda’s house in Fenwick Island. She is in her 90s, gets around well, and has the most beautiful face and smile. We drank margaritas together while I watched her and her daughter-in-law, Yvonne, play double solitaire. That was fun, but what was energizing was to hear her stories. Yvonne asked me how my trip to Paris was and then I asked Magda if she had been in Paris before. She is German in heritage, and she said, "Yes, during the war." She recalls walking down the Champs-Elysees as German soldiers marched d

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