Come Holy Spirit

Sunday, while the country celebrated Memorial Day weekend -- some by remembering those who died in war and some with barbecues and trips to the beach -- St. Stephen’s celebrated Pentecost, the coming of the Holy Spirit. We did so by lighting a bowl of alcohol so flames shot up as the reading of Acts spoke of tongues of fire landing upon the disciples. We hung red banners – one created to move as if by the breath of God. We had red candles on the altar representing the seven gifts of the Spirit; we had red banners naming spiritual gifts lining the walls. There were red geraniums scattered throughout and streamers the colors of fire blowing in the doorway. And four people confirmed their faith

Longue Durée

Bishop Mitri Raheb, a Palestinian Lutheran pastor, who serves Christmas Lutheran Church in Bethlehem, Palestine, was in Wilmington on Monday meeting with pastors and with anyone who wanted to show up and hear him on Monday afternoon in Newark and Monday evening at Westminster Presbyterian, a block away from St. Stephen’s. On Sunday, a few of us met in adult study to discuss his book: Faith in the Face of Empire: the Bible through Palestinian Eyes. Yesterday he preached at the Lutheran Seminary at Philadelphia’s graduation at which our Coordinator for Mission, Douglas Barclay received his diploma. Thanks and praise be to God! One of the terms Pastor Raheb uses in his book is the French term u

Grief Rounds

“…and the God of peace will be with you.” These four years of seminary have been an incredible gift to me. One of the biggest challenges have been the many and too frequent departures from communities where I have learned and served and grown. It is, as I mentioned on Sunday, time for me to say goodbye once again to you. I will be at St. Stephen’s until the end of May at which time I hope to know more about what my next steps in ministry will look like. While I spent a summer in chaplaincy program at Penn Hospital in Philadelphia I discovered something about myself: I don’t like to say goodbye! Daily transitions at Penn were frequent as to keep beds free for new patients in acute levels of c

Where Babies Come From

Maybe you’ve been asked this question by an inquiring young mind, “where do babies come from?” I remember first asking this question to my grandmother. I had chosen a good time to ask, after lunch but before the soaps, so she serenely sat me down on a Victorian couch and began to read to me from the book of Genesis out of the family bible. Now I had never seen this bible before, it was massive and seemed like half my size. It had some pictures, but boring black and white ones. It was very old. As a child, I had no idea what she was saying, and this Genesis reading from the King James version seemed more like a magic spell than anything else. She finished reading and looked up at me, and said

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