A Spring Fling

I wanted to be nearly the first to deliver the news: Happy spring! Despite some obvious signs of winter to the contrary, Friday will officially be the first day of spring. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere the Vernal (Latin for Spring) Equinox marks that precise date when the sun’s rays hit the earth most directly at the equator, when we can be expecting the predictable and well know effects of longer days and warmer weather. Incidentally, as you know, we are in the “season” of Lent. This word, “Lent”, its origins a bit lost in obscurity, seems to just be nothing more than the Old English word for lengthen, as in the days are lengthening. This is rather peculiar to the English speak

HELL -- What Do You Believe?

I think we lost someone from Wednesday Bible study last week because she asked me if I believed in hell and I said, “No.” She responded, “I know where you’re coming from.” And with that I felt she had boxed me up and put a label on me and a not very nice one at that. At the very least, she decided I was on the wrong side of things, and because of that I’m probably destined for that place I don’t believe in. It’s hard because I really want all people to come together around Scripture and to probe its meaning together, recognizing that none of us has a complete hold on the Truth. But that doesn’t work if some of us sit in judgment over others with whom we disagree. It seems to me that part

The Living Word of God

Richard Rohr in his Tuesday daily meditation talks about the Jewish practice of Midrash being the way that Jesus would have interpreted Scripture and suggests we practice the same kind of interpretation. “Midrash,” he says, “is a way of interpreting Scripture that fills in the gaps, questioning and imagining a multitude of interpretations possible. Midrash allows the text and the Spirit of God to open up the reader, instead of closing down the possibility of being changed by latching onto one final, closed, and forever certain interpretation.” Rohr continues, “Unlike Christianity's post-Reformation and post-Enlightenment approach to Scripture, midrash does not look for the one and only inte

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